Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ooze - Tape 8/9 [2012]

I got the chance to pick up this tape in Chicago over the holidays, at their show with Poor Choice (whose 7" I wrote about in my end of 2011 list) and Kansas City's Dirty Work (more on them later). Ooze have been playing together quite a while without releasing anything, honing their craft in the basements of Chicago and Northwest Indiana. So it's no surprise that the songs on this cassette pierce the mind like a fine shank. Seven ripping punk tunes in five minutes that will have you singing along dumbly to the 'do-do-do-do-dodododo' vocal track low in the mix. The songs are hardcore pace but in contrast to many hardcore bands' tendency to channel rage and no other mood, Oooze lays out some chord changes on side 2 that sound fucking triumphant. One of my favorite tapes of 2012. Ooze roolze.

These files aren't my rip, but I did attach song titles to them. Really, though, you should pick up a physical copy, 'coz there's more sounds on the tape than what's on this digital version.

the lunar crooner