Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Harshist - Mythologies CS [2012]

This here is one of my favorite tapes of 2012, hands down. Truly I have waited too long to post it. Ten minutes of psych-punk tunes that reek of societal anguish. The music carries vibes shared by post-punk types like Shoppers or the Pop Group. I hear the latter band's influence especially on the last song, "Poison God," which opens up with a chord straight outta "She Is Beyond Good and Evil." Seriously can't recommend this band enough, and if they're any indication, there's some radical stuff happening Hawaii these days. Peep a couple of the songs in this live video from last summer:

Go to their bandcamp to listen to/buy Mythologies as well as an excellent radio set just released this month. Once you've heard the tape you'll need to hear the full set; the stretched-out noise passages really complement the groovy punk stuff. Do not sleep on this.


  1. Hey, this is Annie, singer for Harshist. Thank you for the kind words and positive review!