Friday, January 25, 2013

Jacob Faurholt - Geek Love Is the Best Love [2012]

Take a listen to Jacob Faurholt's music and you'd probably assume he's holed up in some medium-sized town in Ohio, laying down finely-crafted Americana in a bedroom. You'd only be half right, because it's beaming to you from a Dane in Berlin. Anyway, regardless of location, these songs are real well-realized, mostly wistful ballady tunes of past lovers and their associated nostalgia -- you know, music for when yer feelin' down and want to stay there a while. Hints of Daniel Johnston and the whole Dylan/Young school of singer-songwriters are apparent (when he sings "I'm guided by voices, not the band" it sounds like he's channeling the capital-B Band as well as Robert Pollard's group). I've been spinning this EP quite a bit the past couple months, and it definitely rewards repeated listens.

Geek Love Is the Best Love was released in association with Raw Onion Records. It's up for free on bandcamp, along with a slew of releases going back to 2005. So if this is your kind of thing, dive on in.

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  1. yeah cool stuff too! i will do a concert with him in berlin. propably together with hure. so come along.