Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dirty Work - Tour Tape [2012]

In case it was not yet clear to you that Kansas City harbors some of the wildest hardcore around: enter Dirty Work with an elbow to your gut and cinderblock flying dangerously close to your face. Seriously, each of the three times I've seen these guys since last September has surely ranked among the more chaotic and violent shows of 2012. But too often bands hide weak songwriting behind their live antics; not so here. I defy you not to get "Bloody Concrete" stuck in your head. You won't be able to resist strutting around your room and jumping off your bed into the wall. Its lyrics are insufferably juvenile and full of self-loathing, which suits the music perfectly. The rest of this tape keeps the madness at cranked up through its five minutes, leaving you reeling in a manic stupor with bruises you'll be discovering for days.

Chicago DIY label Eat the Life put out both the tour tape and the Dirty Work demo. You can hear/download both on bandcamp. And stay tuned, because EtL will be releasing Dirty Work's vinyl debut sometime soon!

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