Monday, January 28, 2013

Lumpy and the Dumpers - Demo [2012]

Continuing my series of "favorite tapes of 2012" posts, I present to you Lumpy & the Dumpers. Coming from the southwest corner of Illinois (in the vicinity of St. Louis), they exude all the boredom and disgust you'd expect to be felt in such a place. When they played in Champaign with Dirty Work last month, the singer (and a couple punks in the crowd) were flinging themselves around wearing nothing but diapers made of tissue paper. Needless to say the ensuing crowd action resulted in said diapers dissolving in to fine flakes of confetti.

Anyway, onto the tape itself: it consists of three zit-poppin' punk songs in a mid-tempo KBD style, so get ready to dance like an idiot with snot hanging out your nose. They're all jams but the standout to me is the first song, about getting addicted to huffing eel goo. Oh, the humanity! Do yourself a favor and get this tape for cheap, or on Lumpy's bandcamp for free

Lumpy & the Dumpers will be playing in Urbana on Feb 22 and Chicago on February 23. Both bills are pretty stacked, so come rock out and rub puke in yr eyes.

Contact Lumpy:
Lumpy and the Dumpers
21 W Garfield
Belleville, IL 62220
"Please send teeth, nails, slime, mulch, or rubber cement."


  1. Cool stuff, good to know theres some cool shit coming out of SW Ill, Belleville especially.

  2. My band was on tour and played both of those February dates, Lumpy and the Dumpers were sick, picked up both cassettes.

  3. I saw you both in Chicago, great set! I'm really enjoying your blog as well.