Tuesday, May 13, 2014


NIGHT COLLECTORS WRFU 5/12/14 by Dj Kuroboshi on Mixcloud

Featuring picks from the Times Square OST.

Eunuch - Castration 7" [2013]

Ok, I haven't been writing much lately but this record came in the mail months and months ago so I gotta get back to it. Here goes:

Mid-tempo grooves, Stooges riffs, and a whole ton of mental anguish and paranoia borne out of the desperation of living in Kansas City, Eunuch bring no new tropes to the grungepunk idiom on this bass-driven 7" out on XO Press. Not that they care, and neither should you. This is not a record for sitting around, craft beer in lap, searching for some kind of political or cultural message within it. No, this music demands thrown bottles or a lurching dance. Love or hate I mean; look at the other acts on the XO roster: names like Meat Mist, Robert Plant's Dingleberry, a record entitled 'Pussy Cola,' (Fugs, anyone?) ... this KC crowd doesn't seem to take itself to seriously. Listen to 'Endless Drone Strikes' enough times, though, and the bass will drive you mad. 

Listen here. Inquire with soitoldthemto@aim.com to obtain a physical copy.