Saturday, January 26, 2013

HURE - EP [2012]

I got an email some time ago from one of these maniacs asking to share their EP, so here you go. This is also from Berlin, but it couldn't possibly be more different from the Faurholt stuff I posted yesterday. Bludgeoning, relentless, hate-filled noise attack by dudes who wrap themselves in duct tape to play live:

So about three seconds of that video should give you an idea whether or not it's for you. Ever been to a show where a noise group comes on and half the room clears out? This is something like what we've got here. I like losing my mind to noise stuff like this, because i.) my ears have a masochistic streak; and ii.) after being subjected to screeching feedback gusts and blunt drum-machine beatings for an extended length of time, anything resembling 'conventional songs' sounds positively refreshing. Anyway I'm down with the madness that is Hure, and perhaps some of you are too.

You can hear the EP on Hure's soundcloud page, and order a copy of the EP on cassette here.

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  1. yeah, cool stuff! you can get a nice cassette with that stuff here:
    great blog here, by the way!