Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dipers - Shit House 7" [2012]

Dipers are the perfect antidote for the over-serious, bland, and humorless hardcore bands people complain about. Harking back to OG New York punks like the Dolls and the Dictators, Dipers have the 'smart guys playing dumb' schtick down pat. The lyrics are funny, the vocal delivery is perfect, and the instruments are a raucous jam of hardcore punk (as opposed to punks playing hardcore). On some of the songs the guitar tone is in the same mid-range, rotary-saw-cutting-metal-spitting-sparks-everywhere realm as Hüsker Dü.

You can read an entertaining interview with Dipers frontman Reed Dunlea at The first picture is the cover of their excellent demo cassette which can be acquired here.

Shit House is out on Eat the Life, which is run by one of the dudes from Poor Choice and Buff Shit, among others. Be sure to check out all the other cool stuff there.

Shit Hawk Punks - Dipers website

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