Monday, July 9, 2012

Sferi - Sounds of the Spheres [2012]

This is a rather intriguing submission from a psychonaut in the land of Macedonia. Sounds of the Spheres is a concept double-album about the planets in our solar system, with each sky-wanderer getting about ten minutes to beam its cosmic frequencies into the radar dishes on the sides of your head. For the most part, the songs sound like they could have originated in space, if such transmissions could get ahold of a decent producer. Sounds of the Spheres mainly deals in drones and loops, but nothing about this is lazy and there is no shortage of melody. I won't get into the songs of each individual planet because Sferi did it already, in depth, but I will say that my favorites are the warm, lush 'Venus' and the metallic, palpitating 'Saturn.' As the planets become more distant so does their sound; listening to the whole thing all the way through really feels like an 80-minute trip to the edge of the solar system. The latter half makes me think of a 2001-style star gate voyage.

Sferi has released Sounds of the Spheres as a 2-CD set limited to 50 copies, complete with a booklet detailing how each piece was conceived. You can of course also stream/download (free +PWYW) at Sferi's bandcamp linked below.

Sferi bandcamp

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