Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kowabunga! Kid - Kowabunga! Kid CS [2012]

Kowabunga! Kid are a crowd pleaser here in the C-U. When these guys start playing, mouths turn to smiles and feet tap maniacally. That's about the best way I can describe Kowabunga! Kid's sound; it's punk-tempo power pop with sunny words that recalls the likes of Beat Happening or twee bands. The fi is low but the sound is clear, with jangly guitars and chordful bass melodies. And they make their songs dense with things to make you like them. My favorite K!K song is probably 'Crybaby,' with its classic doo-wop keyboard line and gorgeous female vocals. If you do not feel better immediately after hearing this than before, you may just be beyond saving.

K!K put this tape out just a few weeks ago I believe. I got mine already but you can get a copy at one of a couple out-of-town shows they're doing.

Kowabunga! Kid bandcamp

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