Monday, July 9, 2012

Davey Dynamite - Some Thoughts [2011]

Saw this fellow in a Champaign basement a few nights ago, and since he gave me this CD for free I'm passing it on to you. Davey Dynamite hails from Dekalb, Illinois and plays some of the best folk punk around these days. He barks out a Johnny Hobo rasp with the sincerity of Phil Ochs, but without the former's druggy nihilism or the latter's newspaper headline lyrics. The politics Davey sings about are more personal, which is probably why he resonates with so many people. I don't know what more to say about this guy, other than that he's a grade-A Nice Dude, can ably carry a tune and conjures up some clever lyrics that will probably get stuck in your head and make you feel all warm inside. It's all very heartfelt, but before you start getting down on me about this hokey-folky bullshit, remember the wise words of  G.I.S.M.: "punks is hippies."

You can download this album and the rest of Mr. Dynamite's stuff for free (+ pay what you want, you know the drill) at the bandcamp link below.

Davey Dynamite bandcamp

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