Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Les Rallizes Dénudés - Electric Pure Land [1974]

Here's a quick Les Rallizes Dénudés post. If you know Rallizes, you know what you're getting here. If you don't know them, then this set is a great place to start, because it's not as long as most of their other releases.

Electric Pure Land starts out with the swirling, damaged repetition of  'The Last One' (normally it's not the First One) and continues from there. 'Enter the Mirror' shimmers with the brilliance of radio pop transmissions originating in another galaxy; 'Flames of Ice' stomps around and kicks psychedelic sparks into your face. What are you gonna do, step out the way? No, you ignoramus, you'll stay right there and enjoy your electrification. 'Voice of the Bird' is a beauteous electric folk ballad to help you lament your ensuing tinnitus. Finally, closer 'Angel' grooves with what sounds like a slowed-down Bauhaus bass riff below Mizutani's echoey crooning, interspersed with wild blasts of feedback.

Well, I didn't set out to do a song-by-song exposition, but there it is. Listen, this is a great recording, and if this scribbling doesn't convince you to download it, perhaps my other Rallizes post would.


  1. Nice review, and a very convincing one... if needed. Well, there's never one Rallizes too many, so thanks! "It's always the same and it's always different."

  2. 'Always the same and always different.' That's about the most elegant way I've heard Rallizes described. Thanks for your kind words; may you dig this set as much as I do.