Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Witch In Her Tomb - S/t Cassette EP [2012]

And now for something completely different. Another friend of mine made this. I don't know anything about metal, and doubly so for black metal. Usually I just find it irritating. The blast-beat hi-hat in black metal tends to sound tinny as hell and makes it hard to hear anything else. Well, not here. This is some pretty hi-fidelity shit, and it is oh so good. In an attempt to get in the right mindset, I sat in my closet with the lights off, headphones on, and let myself be pulled into the abyss. Witch In Her Tomb manage to sound melodic without sacrificing any rawness. There are no song titles, just Satori-style (or perhaps Fushitsusha-style, if you prefer) Roman numerals, and the tape works as a single continuous piece. Still, my favorite songs are probably the two at the end, "V" and "VI" (the last minute or so makes for one of the best-sounding feedback workouts I've heard in a while). This is black metal for people who dig hardcore punk -- the vocals sound a bit like Raw Nerve at times. Very much worth checking out, even if you'd normally stay away from this kind of fare.

The first run of 25 tapes sold out pretty quick, but I hear they'll be making some more. This is on Crippled Sound Records out of Urbana, Illinois. A digital copy can be downloaded for free at their bandcamp site (below).

Buy Witch In Her Tomb on Crippled Sound [currently sold out, check back soon]
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