Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cülo - Life Is Vile ... and So Are We [2011]

It's the last day of January, the sun is down, and it's 55 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside in central Illinois. Climate change or not (yeah go ahead, deny it, you AGW-denier --or person who understands that unseasonably warm local temperatures are not necessarily representative of a larger global tren-- oh shit, a digression within a digression), it's fucking hot outside. Maybe it's my Midwestern brain requiring me to wear layers in winter regardless of actual temperature, but I've been sweating more than necessary over the past few days. So here's something to get you steppin' and sweatin', too.

Life Is Vile... compiles a bunch of tapes, demos, 7''s, etc. by this venerable Chicago punk institution. Basically a First Four Years equivalent, and -- dare I say it? -- just as essential. Twenty-five songs in just under twenty-six minutes. If you're into Cülo you probably have this record already, or at least many of the songs on it. (By the way, if a Latin dude ever asks you if you're "into culo," make sure you understand the context of the question before answering).

To give a rough idea for the uninitiated, they sound like the Ramones on PCP (uncreative analogy, sue me). Watch this set by them, from a gig I really wish I'd gone to. [Also available by the same uploader from the same gig are sets by Skrapyard, Hoax, Crazy Spirit]

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