Monday, January 9, 2012

Barn Owl - Lost in the Glare [2011]

Here's one from 2011 that I have just recently starting getting into. This album was the perfect soundtrack to my night drive up the length of Indiana: dark, brooding, a bit creepy (a particularly manic and noisy passage started up right as I was passing through a field of wind turbines -- which, in the darkness, appear as devilish rows of pulsing red orbs -- scary stuff), simultaneously cosmic and earthen. Barn Owl's foreboding, finger-picked intertwining guitars ride on the drifting keyboards in a manner reminiscent of Ash Ra Tempel, and especially Manuel Göttsching's solo stuff. It's drone-y but hardly unexciting; on the contrary, in the right setting this album is positively cerebral. Your assessment of the album art is in this case a pretty good indicator of  how you will feel about the music. Barn Owl have put out a slew of albums and EPs since 2007 or so, and what portion of their work I've heard has been consistently good. Highly recommended.

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The darkest night since 1683


  1. I hope you weren't driving alone because those wind turbines can be fucking terrifying even without the soundtrack. So I'm listening to this now and it hasn't disappointed at all, though I was pretty much sold by the description. "dark, brooding, a bit creepy"? What isn't there to like about that?

  2. As it happens I was driving alone, and the car was becoming perilously low on gas in the middle of nowhere. I was quite scared. Glad you like this album though, maybe I'll post some more by them in the future.

  3. Indiana, wind turbines...sounds like near where I live. Thanks for passing this album along though. I like it!