Sunday, January 2, 2011

DV8 - Learn to Say Goodbye b/w Guns on the Right 7" [1981]

Here's a quick post of early-eighties Chicago punk for ya. This is a really good 7" from a band who are admittedly little more than a footnote in the scene, itself often relegated as a footnote of the early punk sphere. DV8 consisted of vox/guitarist Lorin Klugman, drummer Eric Spicer, and Bob Hanchett on bass. Spicer provides the obligatory Naked Raygun connexion; he played with them from '84 to '92, playing on the records after All Rise, released in 1986. This is the band's only release, and they broke up in 1982.

But on to the actual songs. The A-side is the best Clash song the Clash never wrote, and the B-side is just as good. This is a single I find myself returning to often, because it's a fucking good record. If you've got $300 to blow, it shows up on eBay for about that amount every once in a while. Needless to say, it's long out of print.

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  1. Excellent post. I always had a hard time tracking this one down. Hail Chicago punk.

  2. Thanks man, glad I could help you with this one. God knows your blog has given me a lot of great music.

  3. Well, I hope to see more Chicago bands on both of our sites. It's still too neglected. Someday, people will get off the whole coastal thing *fuck New York and L.A.) and realize the Mid-West is really where to find the goods. That and Italian Beef.