Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Divine Intervention Now - Demo [2012]

I just heard this from Ongakubaka and felt compelled to pass it along. Doom-laden lyrics delivered in a captivating folk-pop fashion. This is some masterfully played stuff from one Phillip Mahoney over in Philadelphia. He calls it a demo but the production is razor sharp. I don't want to talk your ear off on this one, you should just listen.

If you want to shell out $20, you can get a copy of the album sent to you in a unique beetle-shaped flash drive. To quote Mr. Mahoney:
After the coming apocalypse, only the bugs will remain. Contains full five-song demo, lyrics, original image for playback display, and the full text of Erich Von Daniken's "Chariots of the Gods."

Short of that you can download the songs for free on bandcamp. Highly recommended.

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