Saturday, April 21, 2012

mnttaB - Rocky 4​,​2 and 3 EP [2012]

Here is a submission from down in Melbourne, Australia. mnttaB (pronounce it 'Mount Tab') is a noisy synth-punk apocalypse that sounds kind of like what the cover art looks like -- i.e., a violent freak experiment of science and athletic training (and tattoos). They place special emphasis on infectious grooves, whether the drums are struck or programmed. Lots of yelling and general chaos that will make you want to jump around. This came out about two weeks ago, and is available for free on their bandcamp, along with their previous releases. All worth hearing.

There will be a European/US tour this summer, so keep an eye out for gig dates.

mnttaB bandcamp
mnttaB soundcloud

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