Friday, April 13, 2012

Brother Gruesome - Mesa Session [2012]

Brother Gruesome hail from Oklahoma City, a place I know nothing about. I saw them play here in Urbana the other night, and I really dug it. They are a guitar and drum duo who play some melodious jams that can also kick your ass. The sound has a good sense of dynamics, and they're able to get away with some actually good stretches of lyric-less music -- which a lot of people can't manage as just a two-person band. I could make comparisons to the likes of No Age and Pink Reason, or perhaps say they have a kind of a Neil Young thing going on, but that is just the impression I got from the gig. Stream and download this, and figure it out for yerself.

There are two other releases worth checking out on their bancamp. This stuff is all free to download (+pay what you want), but you can grab a tape or perhaps a 7" for cheap if you're going to be in Dallas, TX on April 20.

Brother Gruesome bandcamp

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