Saturday, March 24, 2012

Disciplina Kičme - Ja imam šarene oči [1985]

This is the second record by Serbian postpunks Disciplina Kičme. It continues in the psyched-out industrial dirge of the first record, and it is just as good. Not a lot of bands utilize a 'lead bass' position, but holy christ is it effective here. The synthesis of massive drum grooves and electrified bridge cable bass clamor give this band an undeniable, heavy swing. Discogs actually has DK listed as a funk/soul band, and while superficially that's way off the mark, it does sort of make sense. The riddm is king on this slab. There's also some free jazz horn wailing on here, but nothing like the sort-of-goofy-sounding Balkan brass arrangements that materialized on later DK records.

I originally heard this from a post at Puke Skywalker some years ago, but that link is dead so I put up my own file.

Ja imam šarene oči Discogs page
Novac neće doći


  1. Hmm...Haven't heard of this one before. But this description means it's a must download. Thanks.

  2. I occasionally get real into these guys and go a fortnight listening to just them.

  3. Excellent! Thanks a lot for this killer stuff and the rest of your great blog as well.
    Cheers from france.