Monday, February 6, 2012

The Janitors - Worker Drone Queen EP [2012]

I was hipped to these Swedes by the always classy Ongakubaka blog, and they have kindly asked that their EP be put up here as well. I'm only too happy to oblige. The Janitors are from Stockholm, and they play a sinister, churning sort of psychedelic music they call 'evil shoegaze boogie woogie,' or alternately, Stökpsych (I was calling it psvensk psych in my head, their names sound much cooler). These jams aren't particularly groundbreaking conceptually, but they lay down the groove so well that that could hardly matter less. This is a band with a very well-developed sense of craft for this type of music. The bass is so simple and so good, and the feedback assaults are ecstatic. I've been listening to this EP repeatedly, the riffs have stayed firmly implanted in my brain, and I don't want them to leave.

You can download this EP at the Janitors' soundcloud, where you can also hear their equally good Sick State EP. The downloads are offered as high-quality wav files, which is awesome, but I posted an mp3 link for those of you with more limited disk space/ipods. Worker Drone Queen will be coming out on wax soon, so get ready to order some before they run out!

Janitors website
Do it again

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