Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pere Ubu - Final Solution 7" [1976]

I actually have not yet dug deep into the Pere Ubu corpus (nothing past 1980), but it should go without saying that everything I have heard by this post-punk-before-punk band has been gold. This early single of theirs is no exception. This is in many ways a perfect 7", channeling punk, garage, glam, and the all the alienation needed to make destructive outsider music. I feel like I hear new stuff in 'Final Solution' each time I hear it. The b-side is a sonic mirror image of the a-side, real upbeat and electric, in a way that makes me think of Wire. I could go on, but shouldn't you be downloading this  classic single already?

Anyone interested should also check out the Creep Scanner post on Rocket From the Tombs, the Cleveland group which begat both Pere Ubu and the Dead Boys.

Buy an original and piss off collectors by actually playing it
Seems I'm a victim of natural selection


  1. Thank you!!!!!! Listening to this right now. So damn good!!!!!

  2. Thanks for yr interest. I may post some more early PU singles in the near future.