Friday, December 31, 2010

Suicide - Suicide (Second Album) [1980] + Dream Baby Dream 7" [1979] + more

EDIT: I got DMCA'd, looks like you'll have to find it somewhere else.

So this is the second studio album by Suicide (clearly). Makes me think of what rock n roll would have sounded like in the Blade Runner world. Which is to say, it's awesome. Like First Album, you're getting raw, sharp synth-punk (and they were one of the first bands to do this). The drum machine sounds like heartbeats, and on 'Fast Money Music' you'll feel like your pulse is trying to catch up to the song. Second Album has synth-punk doo-wop stuff added to the mix. These guys liked the Velvet Underground's 'Sister Ray' so much they made their own and called it 'Mr. Ray.' It's a jam. Second Album was produced by Ric Ocasek of the Cars, so the added pop sound should make sense to you, and if you didn't like First Album so much but think the premise is cool, try this record.

This version does not contain the First Rehearsal Tapes disc, but does include the Dream Baby Dream/Radiation 7", plus the excellent track 'Super Subway Comedian.'

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