Friday, December 31, 2010

First Post

This is intended to be a blog sharing music I dig, or consider influential, essential, and/or obscure. Whether you agree is up to you, but I plan on sharing good stuff. I have no idea how often it will update.

In consideration of your sanity I will try to do mediafire links; those other sites basically suck.

I won't not post something just because it is on other blogs. Much of this stuff could use more exposure anyway.

I might do some vinyl or tape rips if I can hook up my turntable to my computer.

Readers: FFS support the artists you like, and rid your hard drive of those you don't care for. Buy records and tshirts and posters. Go to shows and tell the bands when you like the gig. Be a fan.

Bands/Artists/Record business Types: If I've posted your music, it's only because I dig it. If you think my post is doing more harm than good or otherwise want me to remove it, email and I'll take care of it. I'd like to think sharing music is good for the musicians, but it's your call.

RIAA types: Don't be an asshole, I'm a reasonable person and don't want any legal trouble. I probably will avoid posting your shit anyway.

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