Tuesday, February 12, 2013

VA - Busted at Oz [1981]

Okay, this was getting kind of hard to find online so post it I shall. Early document of the old Chicago punk scene, which centered around a handful of bars, such as Le Mere Vipere, Tut's, the Cubby Bear, O'Banions, and OZ, that would spin new punk and reggae records and book groups other than cover bands. Opened in 1977, OZ was the place at which many Chicagoans were introduced to the likes of the Fall, Black Flag, and Hüsker Dü (the infamous "blue paint show" was here). These songs were all recorded live over the period of March 9-11 1981. Side one opens up with the earliest recordings of Naked Raygun, back when they were a  bunch of freaks and didn't do 'woah-ohs' in their songs. Then you've got a couple tracks each by the Subverts, Strike Under, and Da, which don't appear on their records. The Silver Abuse songs include a Urinals-meets-Pere Ubu pisstake cover of Skrewdriver's "Antisocial." The two Effigies tracks are the most straightforward material on here; pretty good midtempo '80s hardcore but I prefer the weird stuff.

Anyway, I don't know if it's a matter of hometown sentimentality or what, but I return to this comp pretty often. Some people even consider it a 'classic' of sorts.

I saw a woman, gasoline, she burned herself to death


  1. Interested in hearing this, Zen ..Thanks for the MC5 - Power Trip as well..

  2. Anytime, earl. Over at your space I'm a rich brat in a candy store.

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