Wednesday, September 5, 2012

XAXAXA - Siromašni i Bogati [2012]

Nothing like a new submission to knock me out of the bullshit-stress-induced apathy and malaise that has kept me from updating this space. Writing about bands is certainly a welcome break from reading about nanoscopic interactions of hydrated clay particles, but I digress.

XAXAXA (pronounced HAHAHA, for those of you who don't recognize Cyrillic characters) hail from Skopje, Macedonia and contain member(s?) of the wonderful Bernays Propaganda, whom I have unconscionably neglected to feature here (to be rectified soon). The sounds, by their own admission, resemble the likes of Dag Nasty, Hüskers, Wipers, Rites of Spring etc., with some early Fugazi thrown in. Beyond these influences XAXAXA supplies a healthy dose of power pop hooks and political frustrations both personal and external. I can see myself spinning this stuff repeatedly, though I'm only on my first listen through as I write this.

Siromašni i Bogati will be released in physical formats by Junk Cola on September 8th. You can preorder it on CD or LP at Moonlee Trade Center.

On Friday, September 7th XAXAXA embarks on a European tour, so if you're on that continent in the next couple of months, check the dates below:

07 Sep (Fri) @ CUBE, Kumanovo/Mkd* xaxaxa only!
08 Sep (Sat) @ FEST, Belgrade/Srb
09 Sep (Sun) @ ATTACK, Zagreb/Cro
11 Sep (Tue) @ GROMKA, Ljubljana/Slo
12 Sep (Wed) @ PEKARNA, Maribor/Slo
13 Sep (Thu) @ SUB, Graz/Aut
14 Sep (Fri) @ tba,Viena/Aut
15 Sep (Sat) @ BOOGIE, Trencin/Svk
16 Sep (Sun) @ BORO, Brno/Cze
18 Sep (Tue) @ CAFÉ NA PUL CESTY, Prague/Cze
19 Sep (Wed) @ SZABAD AS A,Budapest/Hun
20 Sep (Thu) @ HAFFENKLANG, Hamburg/Ger
21 Sep (Fri) @ CONNI, Dresden/Ger
22 Sep (Sat) @ ZORO fest, Leipzig/Ger* Siz only!
23 Sep (Sun) @ Koma F, Berlin/Ger
25 Sep (Tue) @ BLACK FLECK, Potsdam/Ger
27 Sep (Thu) @ Glockenbachwerkstatt, Munich/Ger
28 Sep (Fri) @ DESERT,Lausane/Swiss
29 Sep (Sat) @ tba/Swiss
30 Sep (Sun) @ tba/Swiss
02 Oct (Tue) @ L’ AQUIL, Casematte/Ita
03 Oct (Wed) @ Rietti /Ita
04 Oct (Thu) @ MKC, Koper/Slo
05 Oct (Fri) @ Metelkova, Ljubljana/Slo* xaxaxa only!
06 Oct (Sat) @ CK 13, Novi Sad/Srb

XAXAXA bandcamp
XAXAXA page on Moonlee

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