Sunday, August 5, 2012

Toothpaste - Oh Yeah Come On 7" [1987]

Toothpaste were an '80s Chicago band consisting of Naked Raygun/Silver Abuse/Wayouts folks who played ultra-simple, goofy, self-aware punk that makes me think of what Strike Under would have sounded like if they didn't take themselves seriously. According to the Chicago Punk Database, Toothpaste's first show was in 1981 at a "communist art gallery across Damen Avenue from the Busy Bee diner. Opening act was a performance artist who beat a dead rat with a coffee can." They only have two releases that I know of, and this is their later one, a 7" featuring the ever-so-catchy A-side "Oh Yeah Come On." The title is all of the lyrics, which makes it very easy for you to immediately yell along. Is this the so-called 'Chicago Sound?' I still don't know, but I dig this record a lot.

The B-side is the wierdo jam "Kids Do the Darndest Drugs," which is an apt-enough way of describing the song, really. Anyway if you're interested in the venerable heritage of Chicago punk (which you should be), grab this one for sure.

I'll be uploading their 1983 12" EP soon as well.

Oh yeah oh yeah come on


  1. Thank you SO much for posting this! Saw them at the Riot Fest Busted at Oz reunion 2 years ago. I've been creeping around their myspace since. What an amazing and underrated band!

    And from the homeland, no less. Thanks again! Great find. PLEASE post the 12". :D

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Jon. I'm happy to spread the Toothpaste gospel.

  3. hii can this be re-upped, please?