Tuesday, November 1, 2011

VA - Short Circuit: Live at the Electric Circus [1978]

You're cool, right? You like the Fall, right? Joy Division? Here's a 1978 10" comp of Manchester bands, including some of the first recordings by the aforementioned two bands (when Joy Division was called Warsaw) and more. My favorites on this are probably the spoken-word raps of John Cooper Clarke [I'll probably post some more of him later], or the black-up jam "Macka Splaff" by reggae punks Steel Pulse. Oh, there's also a Buzzcocks song, and although I'm less interested in them, it's a good song. This short album plays through really well.

I used ta believe everything I read
But ya can't get a nipple in the Daily Express [file is slightly mislabled, should say 1978]
For record nerds/snobs


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